Case StudyJuly 10, 2021by Jaspreet0Starting with just Rs 1 lakh, this journalist-turned-entrepreneur clocked Rs 8 Cr in turnover from her PR startup

Nikky Gupta calls herself an entrepreneur, a communications strategist, a health advocate, and a mother of two children. At 36, she has also co-founded two organisations – the Teamwork Communications Group, a public relations and communications agency; and Health and Wellness Group, a healthcare advocacy organisation.

The entrepreneur was born and raised in Kanpur in a family where women were content with taking care of their households.

After completing her higher education in Mass Communication, she worked as a journalist in a leading media house before shifting her interest to public relations. She then worked in a handful of communications firms, and decided to turn entrepreneur and co-founded Teamwork Communications Group, a 360-degree communications company, in 2010, along with her husband, Kamal Narayan, who is also a journalist.

She says, their first client came on board just two days after they started the company.

“A cosmetologist, who is now a leading name in the industry, hired us to work on his brand positioning. It was a six-month project, but he was so impressed by our work that he recommended us to five companies within 15 days. We got our first multinational client in the third month,” she recalls.

Since then, Teamwork Communications has executed a series of successful country-wide campaigns for various partners – from government departments and hospitals to multi-national pharmaceutical agencies. When India rolled out the historic GST tax reform, it was chosen as the media partner for GSTN – the digital backbone of the tax regime.

“Working closely with GSTN, we played an instrumental role in crafting its media outreach and communications strategy. My team and I also conducted a series of successful campaigns for the Kerala government, Jharkhand government, and Delhi government’s Department of Art, Culture, and Languages. We also conducted successful campaigns for Delhi government’s popular ‘Delhi Celebrates’ programme,” Nikky says.

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