Performance Marketing Agency in Delhi

In a world where lead generation faces the constant challenge of cut-throat competition, Teamwork Communications Group presents impeccable performance marketing campaigns for its clients. As one of the leading performance marketing companies in Delhi, we execute attractive strategies to boost customer acquisition, brand awareness, and revenue generation. We understand that performance marketing has many branches and demands profitable outcomes out of the campaigns and marketing strategies applied.

A performance marketing agency in India will have to come up with creative campaigns & strategies that include several advertising tactics, retargeting, email marketing, and SEM (search engine marketing). The outcome on the other hand can be in the form of a fresh lead, sales or any other understanding between the agency and the client regarding business generation. Performance marketing is a broader concept and works totally differently than other marketing strategies. Unlike upfront or monthly payments, here the monetary settlements are done when an impactful action occurs. Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, affiliate marketing, email marketing, social media marketing, and search engine optimization (SEO) are some examples of performance marketing.

Our Performance Marketing Services

As a multi-specialist firm known to provide the best performance marketing services in Delhi, we have served many clients across India. Be it healthcare giants, educational institutions, or corporate brands, our marketing tactics and creative campaigns have touched every nook and corner of various organizations. We have experience in brand awareness, lead generation, conversions, shopping and many more types of campaigns on platforms like Google AdWords, Meta, LinkedIn etc. Let us throw some more light on how each of these works for impactful outcomes.

Google AdWords

Google advertisements are the stepping stones of digital marketing. To support you in reaching the top of the search results, our proficient team of Google AdWords create a Google Ads account campaign depending on your geographic location, product & service keywords, target audience, and budget. Teamwork has acquired the title of being the best performance marketing agency in Delhi due to its capability of attracting the right customers to your business. Google Ads works on Pay Per Click and hence as an experienced performance marketing agency in India, we support you in managing day-to-day tasks, budgets, and schedules to achieve click-through rates conversion.

The areas we cover under our Google AdWords are:

  • Capturing the right traffic online
  • Upgrading quality score
  • Enhanced Google Ad rankings
  • Impressive Ad copies
  • High CTR (click-through rate)

Facebook Ad Manager

Social media Ad managers are powerful tools. Facebook though has been one of the traditional yet most popular platforms to reach the masses helps create campaigns that are easy to make, edit and analyze. The platform has recently added an Ads Manager and power editor to make monitoring ads easier than ever before. Teamwork uses such tools to create and manage campaigns across multiple advertising platforms owned by Facebook. Here there are many variations regarding audiences, locations and more and hence we can target location-specific audiences via Facebook Ad Manager. It is an all-in-one tool to not only create ads but also manage, track and understand how well the campaigns are impacting the audience. We understand and evaluate the performance to generate results that best suit your marketing

Instagram Ad Manager

Our team focuses on actionable insights for your customers via Instagram Ad Manager. Here the content has to be precise and it takes a matter of seconds to grab more than a million eyes. Instagram Ads are more rapid as compared to Facebook and have the power to inspire new audiences even if your brand is not their genre. At least once the customer would check what are your products and explore your website through the ad. This is how users are converted into potential customers. Especially the Gen-Z and Gen-Alpha users who thrive on creativity and share anything they can relate to. Nevertheless, our team of experts utilize maximum time in deciding the people who matter the most for your business and then actions are customized in order to reach them with effective targeting options.

Twitter Ad Manager

People across the globe use Twitter to know what is happening. Curiosity drives this platform and hence Ads here can be more impactful in reaching potential customers. The top ten trending topics on Twitter and hashtags have helped gain many followers for people and brands. The role of a performance marketing agency in Delhi is to amplify your brand’s message and help get it discovered. And hence, the first thing we do is create gripping content for your Twitter ad campaigns. To maximize the relevancy of your ads we target keywords that are relevant to the platform as well as to the audience. Over the years, Twitter has been one of the prominent platforms at Teamwork. If it strikes in the right direction, tweets are potent to reach hundreds of millions of people. Simultaneously, Twitter Ad Manager has spectacular solutions to help you achieve your business goals.

LinkedIn Ad Manager

With Linked In, we help connect brands with millions of population on a massive professional network. There are various ad types on Linked In to meet your goal-oriented marketing objectives. Based on your requirements, the performance marketing staff at Teamwork evaluates the purpose and every LinkedIn Ad campaign is started by selecting the right objective that targets optimistic conversions. Sponsored messaging on this professional platform helps engage the audience and drive sales by attracting them to the brand image, products and services. Active response and support have always proved themselves powerful enough to change the game in business and networking. It is through Linked In that Teamwork helps brands build long-term relationships with the world’s largest professional audience. Like-minded professionals and people involved in the same field instantly have their eyes on your ads and you never know how potential these can be as business leads!