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Our Culture


At Teamwork Communications Group, we invite game-changing ideas, out-of-the-box communication solutions, as well as people who have it in them to redefine media strategies. Our work culture is defined less by protocol and more by spontaneity. Yet, we value both mavericks as well as conformists because it is a combination of the two that provides the right balance to a work path.

Team work is the core driving philosophy at TCG. We have multiple teams working in tandem and supporting each other through challenges and successes. Through informal initiatives such as movement across verticals, open ideation sessions, and engaging capacity-building workshops, our professionals get a wide exposure to multiple domains and fields of work.

If you are a young and dynamic communications professional or a starter in the field who revels in the art of designing attractive communications, has a flair for language, is a fast learner, a quick adaptor and a dedicated solution finder, your search for an engaging work atmosphere ends here.

There are a few things which keep us different and are key to our team’s growth and development.


We are inspired and driven by the attitude to learn new things and stay attuned with the current market


We believe in starting from the base to build a strong unshakable foundation for everything we do


Our performance is driven by the warmth and empathy we have developed in our working environment


We promote competition within our teams to inspire everyone to perform better and stay alert


Despite all our achievements, we always stay hungry to try new avenues


We always encourage honest feedback for personal & organizational development